Law Enforcement out of Control

As we prepare to face the onslaught of yet another death of a black – (in this instance, a) woman, at the hands of a law enforcement officer, the question cries out for a meanigful response – When will this bizarre behavior come to an end.  Is this the new normal?  But wait, this is not new; it’s reminiscent of times past – a return to the old, if you will. Continue reading Law Enforcement out of Control

Action/Re-action – A Vicious and Degenerative Cycle

As we prepare to bury two more victims of violent crime – in this instance they happen to be police officers,  we really need to come to grips with the circumstances that continue to perpetuate the cycle of violence.  We need to understand that every Action will ultimately bring about (at some point) a Re-action.  This is pretty much Standard Stuff;  in some cases it is called revenge, in other instances, retribution – and there are numerous other tags, but they all mean the same thing.  Having said that, re-actions are invariably never good.   They are usually emotionally charged and even after the emotion has subsided, any factual support  is all too often totally lacking. Continue reading Action/Re-action – A Vicious and Degenerative Cycle

… And the “HITS” just keep coming

On August 14th, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a TIME magazine article on race relations in America, entitled – The coming race war will not be about race.  He used the current situation in Ferguson as a back drop.  The article was impressive – well researched and  clearly presented.   So, rather than recap his dialogue in my words, I’ve attached the site  address and suggest that you take a few minutes to read it thru. Continue reading … And the “HITS” just keep coming

Guns – Regulate or not, that is the Question

Outlined below is a communication I shared with an “old” aquaintant from High School.  We had not communicated in over 40 years  but due to the miracle of FaceBook, there he was.  However, it did not take long for me to realize that although we went to the same High School in Kingston, Jamaica,  we were diametrically positioned on opposite sides of the political platform.   The communication below has been edited to remove any personal references to this person but  a recent encounter brought this piece back into view – thought I’d share it; thoughs and comments are always welcome.  Continue reading Guns – Regulate or not, that is the Question

So What Exactly is Wrong with the Death Penalty

Much like abortion, discussions – sometimes heated, circulating around the death penalty, have been with us for a very long time.    Michigan was the first state to abolish the death penalty for all crimes except treason.  This was in 1846 – Rhode Island and Wisconsin followed in short order for all crimes; but there was really never a lot of discussion about these States’ decisions. Continue reading So What Exactly is Wrong with the Death Penalty

Have We Been Here Before

In my Post on Global Over- Population, I outlined the general statistics on the ages of the Universe and Earth.   I cannot find any concrete references to data on Earth that predates more than a few million years.  Yet we know from science that the time elapse of  4.5 billion years did occur.   Therefore, the  million dollar question is – what transpired over those many, many years.  The predicament we potentially face, as we come to grips with a population growth that is set to outstrip Earth’s ability to sustain that many people, has given rise to some speculation on my part – and I stress speculation because that’s all this is.  Nonetheless, kick it around and see if there’s any shred of possibility buried in there, somewhere. Continue reading Have We Been Here Before

Is Global Over-population a Reality

Mother Earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, residing within the boundaries of a Universe that has been in existence for more than 16 billion years.  Most people simply cannot relate to the magnitude of these numbers, however, one thing is clear – IT’S A LOT.  Archeologists, over the years, have dug up skeletal material – animals and even some humanoids, that have been carbon dated back 1 – 2 million years, in some instances.  And even the oldest discoveries of anything – rocks, minerals, etc do not exceed 10 million years.  This means that the discovery time period from which we work  is less than 2/10th of 1%  of the age of the earth.  Continue reading Is Global Over-population a Reality

Why Politics gets in the way of Effective Government

For over 200 years the great nation of the United States of America has enjoyed a platform of government, comparably to none anywhere else in the world.  The initial tenants formulated by our founding fathers morphed into what we have today – essentially a two party system with the common objective of providing liberty and opportunity for its citizens.  This platform was designed to be guided by prudent and objective rules and regulations, devised and implemented by a governing body, elected by the citizens of the Republic.  Continue reading Why Politics gets in the way of Effective Government

The Problem Facing Men, Today – update

As we surge forward into the 21st Century its become abundantly clear that the male of our species has essentially lost control over his existence – or has he.  Is this a new phenomenon or has it been this way for years, only now becoming visible because of the changes in our social structure.   To answer this question, let’s take a closer look at history.

Continue reading The Problem Facing Men, Today – update