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I was raised in a system governed by the British. I enjoyed my early years, as a kid growing up in Jamaica, West Indies, but always considered myself to be a thoughtful person, more concerned with understanding the accuracy of an issue – any issue, and less with the categorization of right vs wrong, good vs bad.  I never really understood why I thought along those lines – I just did.  However, as I matured I discovered that the essence of this thought process was the first step in my commitment to achieving a fair and balanced evaluation of events, as they occurred.

For me, Right and Wrong always seemed to be relative to something else.   Albeit that there may be some events that are unequivocal in their absoluteness, most issues tend to bounce between the two (right or wrong/good or bad) extremes, depending on the perspective/paradigm used to evaluate them.  Consequently, the end result for most of these conclusions is in that murky grey, middle area.

In creating this Blog, I am committed to focusing on an objective evaluation of whatever issue I bring forward.  I will endeavor to keep to a minimum any personal preferences, paradigm influences and emotions, in my evaluative efforts.

I welcome comments and criticism from anyone who accesses my site.  I will also make every attempt to provide a timely response to those comments.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find the articles amusing, at the least, enlightening at best.

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